A Lull

Hello followers!

I’ve been meaning to give an update the past month regarding my posting habits on here, I’m sorry for the delay!

I have been participating in an online course put on by my employer, focusing on becoming ‘unstoppable’ individuals and really zeroing in on our life purpose and goals, and how to achieve them. It’s a wonderful free course they provide, but it lasts 14 weeks in total, and is taking up a lot of my free time! There is a blog element to it, so for now I’m completing that blog, and will return to writing more on Invisibly Allergic immediately after.

I did come across this sample letter template online that was 100% spot on for my allergy, and I thought it would’ve been useful to have if I were still in a school setting, but it could be tweaked for an employer! Here it is.

Additionally, I have not yet watched it, but the show ‘Rotten’ on Netflix has an episode specifically on peanuts (episode 2) and the growing peanut allergy ‘epidemic’ as they called it. I saw good feedback in online forums about it, and tried watching it, and felt paranoid within the first few minutes. I am going to give it another try sometime soon, when I’m not eating dinner, and when I’m in the right mindset.

I’m still digesting my feelings about some of the peanut information I learned in the episode, one thing I learned from only the first couple of minutes was that peanut ground cover has tiny yellow flowers! They almost look like the little yellow buttercup flowers I hunt for in the summertime! To clarify, I don’t ever want to be near one! I did wonder about peanut “butter cups” though, and the origins of the candy, if maybe that was a connection?

I don’t want to celebrate the peanut plant, but I did want to share an image of it, for awareness purposes! I honestly was very surprised, and was glad to see what the plant itself can look like, especially in case I ever see it growing someplace!

Anyway, please don’t hesitate to write me with any questions or comments during my brief time away. Thanks for your continued support & reading! Signing off, I will return in about 6 weeks!

Image result for yellow peanut groundcover flower


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