Hoppy Easter Every Bunny

I’m back! I hope everyone has had an egg-stremely good weekend, and an egg-ceptional day getting in some quality family time! Like most holidays, they can be stressful when you have a food allergy. Today was low-key and relaxed- absolutely ideal for me. It didn’t have a huge food focus, which was nice. My husband and I brought safe brunch to my mother-in-law and we had a great morning with my mom joining us. We do hand-wash my plate and fork that I’m using when elsewhere, this time it was at my sister-in-laws home, but besides that, that’s basically it since we brought the veggie quiche and brioche ourselves! We were able to even find safe chocolate brioche!

I am currently watching the Great British Bake Off Easter Masterclass on KET. This show brings me so much happiness and inspiration! I love making my own safe meals based off television shows that walk you through it, it shows me how easy it truly can be for an amateur baker, and is fun to see how mine compare with theirs. This past Christmas I made a GBBO mincemeat and marzipan couronne, and it was surprisingly easy to make every element of it peanut-safe. Even when making mincemeat and marzipan from scratch, it wasn’t all that difficult and turned out really well! Honestly, the most difficult part is converting everything to U.S. measurements.

Another show I highly recommend is Poh & Co on Netflix. Poh Ling Yeow was a contestant on MasterChef Australia (never seen it) and has made quite a name for herself baking and cooking! She does use a lot of peanut ingredients, but I’ve gotten comfortable making recipes that use peanuts or peanut oil and subbing that out for a safe ingredient. Her conversions can be tricky as well, but are simple to replicate once converted. I recently made her super simple recipe for persian nut bars and added the optional rose water, they make me feel like a princess when eating them for breakfast with a side of fruit! They were sticky from the honey, so the parchment paper helps with that! CVS carries safe pistachios, and we use Blue Diamond almonds. Instead of sunflower seeds, I just used a blend of flaxseed and chia seeds we already had in the pantry. They are essentially peanut-safe KIND bars, definitely not safe for tree-nut allergies, but safe for peanut-only allergies.

persian nut bars

I would love to travel to Australia, specifically where she is in Adelaide, in South Australia. There’s an episode of Chef’s Table that features a farm-to-table type of restaurant in Adelaide and it was the first time I had heard of this city in Australia and it sparked my interest in traveling there one day. Australia is very similar to Canada in their food labeling requirements, they’re ahead of the United States in having strict labeling laws and being very aware of what’s in their food!

When watching a cooking show, reading recipes on Pinterest, or getting them out of cook books, I really believe that substituting out peanut products doesn’t ruin a recipe. I used to think it did and wasn’t as adventurous, but I’ve started to venture out and try to find tasty alternatives. My husband makes the BEST Pad Thai, and although I’ve never had the real thing, it’s delicious and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the real thing at all. It can be hard to find certain safe ingredients such as tahini, certain spices or oils, but in my opinion they all can be safely swapped out for something safe and similar! Even if I can’t find something with the exact same taste profile, it’s never been problematic in the end, just find what you can, or even better, just throw a safe ingredient in that you know you already love!

Well, that’s all, yolks! I’m looking forward to posting weekly/bi-weekly again!


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