Food Allergy Cross-Contact 101 [Free Audio/PDF]

Introduction & Disclaimer

When I created this PowerPoint deck and audio presentation back in early 2019, I was still using the terms “cross-contamination” and “cross-contact” interchangeably. Since then I’ve learned that “cross-contact” is the correct word to use when discussing contamination of food allergen particles and trace amounts. You’ll just have to forgive me for saying cross-contamination so much. 😉

The attached audio file & presentation cover:

  • What Is A Food Allergy?

  • What Are The Most Common Food Allergies?

  • What Is Cross-Contact?

  • Surprising Places You May Find Allergens

  • Lack Of Food Labeling Laws In The US

  • Tips To Keep Food Allergic Individuals Safe & More!

How Did This Food Allergy Presentation Come About?

In October of 2019 I did a Lunch & Learn presentation for my employer on food allergies as a part of their DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) initiative. It was remote and open to all employees, and I focused on food allergy awareness & ways people can help support those with life-threatening food allergies. It was a great experience and opportunity to inform others at my workplace about food allergies and the dangers of cross-contact, while also getting my own experience doing my first professional PowerPoint presentation on the subject.

My workplace was peanut-free for me as an accommodation, and they placed signage around the building requesting no one bring in peanut products, so it was nice to share my perspective. Likely many people saw the signs but didn’t have a face to put with it or context going any further, so it felt good to give this overview of food allergies and help educate others interested and curious about learning more.

I have a printable version of the workplace sign they hung around our office building, and it is also accessible in the resources section of my website. I was really proud of myself after finishing my presentation, and I can’t recall the exact number of attendees but it was upwards of 60! I got a lot of comments in the chat and messages from people afterwards following up with questions and stories of their own.

I was told I would eventually be getting the live PowerPoint presentation with my audio over-top of it, however, it’s 2022 now and I’m still waiting on that! For now, I have the two separately uploaded here in this blog post for anyone who may want the content. Feel free to share the PowerPoint PDF, and I’ve linked my own recorded audio that I did on my iPhone to accompany it for now in the meantime for accessibility. If you have an allergy or disability and would like to give a presentation like this one day, my hope is that this may be a tool that can help. Feel free to write to me via my contact form anytime as well with any questions. 

Food Allergy Presentation AUDIO:

Food Allergy PowerPoint PDF:

Food Allergy Cross-Contact 101 PDF Presentation


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