Food Allergies & Cross-Contact 101 [Free Audio/PDF]

DISCLAIMER: When I created this PowerPoint deck and did this audio presentation in early 2019, I was still using the terms “cross-contamination” and “cross-contact” interchangeably. Now I know that “cross-contact” is the more correct word to use when discussing contamination of allergens, but this audio & presentation will still apply and be a valuable resource! You’ll just gave to forgive me for saying cross-contamination so much.

Some of you may know that in October 2019 I did a Lunch & Learn presentation for my employer on food allergies. It was open to all employees – I gave it remotely, and it was specifically on food allergy awareness & ways people can help support those with life-threatening food allergies. It was a great experience and opportunity to inform others about food allergies and the dangers of cross-contact contamination, while also getting my own experience doing my first professional PowerPoint presentation on the subject. I was really proud of myself afterwards and I can’t recall the exact number of attendees but it was upwards of 60!

I will eventually be getting the live PowerPoint presentation with my audio over-top of it, however, it’s 2021 now and I’m still waiting on that! For now, I have the two separately uploaded here in this blog post for anyone who may want the content! Feel free to share the PowerPoint PDF, and I’ve linked my own recorded audio that I did on my iPhone to accompany it for now in the meantime for accessibility.

Like I said, back when I made this, I didn’t understand there was a difference between cross-contact and cross-contamination. I often accidently still use the two interchangeably, and am trying to make the full switch from “cross-contamination” over to “cross-contact” after FARE put out a resource explaining the two.

Regardless, I don’t judge others when using the two interchangeably, clearly since I still use it wrong a lot of the time myself! But I think we can all agree we understand what someone means when they say cross-contamination in relation to an allergen.


PowerPoint Presentation PDF:

Peanut PP – Zoe




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