My 13 Favorite Allergy-Free Companies (With Links) in 2022

My Current Favorite Allergy-Free Companies

  1. Annie May’s Sweet Cafe
    • This sweet & savory bakery located in Louisville, KY & offers shipping. Annie May’s is free of 10 allergens. Click here to read their Ingredients Statement. I love their cookies, super cookies, and everything pretzels with jalapeno ranch.
  2. HaleLife Bakery
    • HaleLife Bakery is located in Florida & offers nationwide shipping on limited menu items and is free from 8 allergens. Some of the best donuts I’ve ever had. The HaleLife Bakery instagram will give you FOMO- just a warning!
  3. Enjoy Life Foods
    • Free from 14-allergens, Enjoy Life Foods is a staple brand for me if I’m in need of a quick safe snack or cookie. They also make ingredients you can bake with. You can find this brand most likely in stores near you! They offer coupons on their site, have a fun food allergy blog with recipes, as well as a strong social media presence… check our the Enjoy Life IG!
  4. Gerbs Allergy Friendly Foods
    • Gerbs is free from 14 allergens and sells bulk food items such as seeds, oats, rice, dried fruits, and they ship nationwide. A great, caring company!
  5. Safe + Fair
    • Free from 9 allergens & tasty. I love their birthday cake popcorn and have purchased it at Target. Check out all their products!
  6. SuperSeedz
    • If you can have pumpkin seeds, SuperSeedz Gormet Pumpkin Seeds are my go-to brand for flavored pumpkin seeds to snack on. Top them on salads, pasta dishes, oatmeal, and more! They can be found at most grocery stores, use their store locator feature here. We always use them as a crunchy texture on our version of allergen-friendly pad thai.
  7. MadeGood
    • MadeGood cares about kids having healthier and safe snack options, and I really love their mission. They’re a sustainable business (BCorp, TRUE Zero Waste, & FutureFit) that gives back. Found in most stores, use their store locator feature to find them near you. I most often enjoy their granola mini bites & granola bars!
  8. Free2Be
    • These “butter cups” are not only Top 9 free from the top 9 major food allergens, they are also free from artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and more. Read about what they’re Free From here. They have a blog with resources, many trusted partners such as Spokin, FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), Allergy Kids Foundation, END (End Allergies Together), and more.
  9. Pascha Chocolate
    • Once you land on the Pascha website you’ll fall in love with their brand! They are an incredible company with an amazing mission, read about what’s NOT in their chocolate here to get a feel for what I mean. Not only is their company ethical and one I’m proud to get behind, it’s the best dark chocolate I’ve had. Yum! I absolutely love their vegan chocolate bars and find them in stores near me, most often at Kroger.
  10. Cherbourg Cyprus Bakery
    • A delicious sweet & savory bakery! I frequently drive to Cincinnati just to go here, and they now offer pick-up and shipping. Like their site states, everything is baked daily and is always gluten, nut & dye free. I truly don’t know how they develop such amazing textures and flavors!  
  11. Cybele’s Free To Eat
    • Top 9 free cookies & pasta? Yes, please! Their products are free from: dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and sesame. I have to admit, I’ve not found their pasta in-stores near me and so I have not tried it, but their cookies are delicious and why they’re on this list. My favorite that I crave over and over again is their chocolate chip cookie, but they make many flavors such as red velvet, chocolate chunk, and oatmeal raisin.
  12. Amy’s Kitchen
    • I tend to rely heavily on Amy’s Kitchen when traveling, when in a pinch and I can’t cook from scratch, or if someone wants to provide a safe meal for me. Basically, they’re my go-to brand for savory and delicious meals. They have burritos, entrees, pizzas, soups, and can be found in most stores! They are very transparent regarding allergens, check out their FAQ around cross-contact & learn where to buy their products here. As of 2022, their statement was, “this product was produced in a plant that processes foods containing wheat, milk, soy, tree nuts and seeds. Amy’s Kitchen does not use any peanuts, fish, shellfish or eggs.”
  13. Jonny Pops
    • It wouldn’t be right to leave this popsicle brand off my list, because I eat these as often as I can! I’d never been able to find a peanut-free facility “fudgesicle” and now I have, and their Chocolate Cream is my favorite flavor. Although, they have many good ones such as Pineapple Coconut & Fresh Cream, and Old-Fashioned Root Beer Float. All of their products are gluten-free and made in a peanut-free facility, you can read their allergen statement here.

Safe eating! XO

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