Hello! Invisibly Allergic exists to act as a resource for anyone impacted by a severe food allergy.

With this site, I hope to act as an authoritative point-of-contact for any person with a food allergy looking to connect with someone navigating the world through this same food allergy lens. This space dually serves to educate others without a food allergy, by providing helpful insights into how someone lives their life with a severe, airborne & life-threatening food allergy daily.

For years I’ve looked for information on living with a severe peanut allergy, which also appears to be airborne in my own experience, and I’ve struggled to find anything that speaks to me or validates my own experience. With food allergies becoming increasingly more common, I eventually I realized I should stop searching outward and begin telling my own story, as I am the guide to living with a severe peanut allergy that I’ve been searching for. I do write allergy-related content for other websites such as Food Equality Initiative, and am interested in doing more partnerships and custom content with other bloggers and organizations interested in helping improve the lives of food allergic individuals.

I’m passionate about living life safely with what I call an “invisible allergy”. My goal is to help others in the airborne and severe allergy community, and I want to start by providing invisiblyallergic as a space to connect, learn, educate, and create powerful changes benefiting food allergy sufferers all around the world.

If you have a severe food allergy of any kind, I believe my blog would apply & be of great assistance practically and emotionally! Additionally, if you have a child, friend, colleague, or relative with one, I hope this will serve as a great resource to better understand their life and needs.

Feel free to e-mail any topics you’d like to see discussed on my blog, or reach out with questions or comments! I’m happy to be here as a resource! As long as you see Invisibly Allergic up, I’m available! I say this because I don’t necessarily regularly post to the blog or my facebook or instagram accounts.

Connect with me via my contact page.

Zoë Slaughter