Food Allergy Services

For years I didn’t know the power and value of my own food allergy knowledge. As a food allergy adult, I’ve lived my entire life with a severe life-threatening peanut allergy. Comfortably in my thirties now, I know the ins and outs of my own life with a food allergy, and have learned that often I am my own best resource and food allergy advocate.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, every food allergy is as individualized as the person, and every allergic reaction is different. This can make discussing food allergies tricky. However, with an open mind and careful listening, there are ways to adapt and learn to live as safely as possible with any food allergy. Trust me! While there should be no food allergy generalizations made, I’m here to help coach on all things life with food allergies as someone who knows the space well and is an authoritative figure in it. While I mostly discuss my food allergy here, I do have environmental and chemical allergies as well and can speak to living with those, too. Check out my services below & email me at my contact form to discuss booking!

Personalized Coaching

Personalized 1-1 Virtual Allergy Discussion

The floor is yours- bring your questions and/or scenarios and we’ll talk them through. Whether you’re seeking travel advice, hosting an allergy-friendly event, or confused while reading food labels, I’m here to discuss it in a friendly and caring way. I can speak to food allergies, environmental or chemical allergies, as I have all of them. I’m an adult with a severe peanut allergy and severe chemical and environmental allergies, so that is the lens I’m speaking from. I will cite trustworthy sources and provide my own personal knowledge and insight, and know when to point you to someone else if you need a professional opinion. Choose between a phone call or video chat, and I’ll do a brief intake with you first to query your topics, because I want to make sure I’m the right resource for you before you pay for a session.
$15.00/30 minutes or $30/1 hour

Food Allergy Representation Consultation

A note to all you non-food allergic creatives: Before you film a movie with a grossly inaccurate allergic reaction scene, or misrepresent someone living with a food allergy, ask for advice from someone in the space. Too much inaccurate allergy representation has happened across mass media, leading to stereotypes and misconceptions that are harmful to the food allergic community. Properly representing life with a food allergy and food allergy reactions and/or anaphylaxis will limit deadly misinformation and better serve all parties involved, including your audience! While I’m not a doctor, I can provide direction if you’re seeking to represent life with a food allergy or an allergic reaction, in a way that an allergist may or may not be able to. If you’re seeking medical or professional advice, I can help connect you to a trustworthy source in the space.
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I am not a doctor, lawyer, or allergist, and I’m not trying to give medical advice. My advice is from my own personal lived and learned experience. I will direct you to a professional or outside trusted resource if anything is beyond of my scope of expertise.

“Being severely allergic to a food, people assume that most settings are safe, and that moving through life being mindful of what I eat is my main focus… wrong! At least in my experience, cross-contact is a much larger and difficult part of my food allergy to control.”

Zoe Slaughter | Invisibly Allergic Blog Founder